FAQ: How Will 220,00 Trucks Affect Traffic?

The County's trucks, according to their proposal, will roll from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, six days a week for about nine months each year. The trucks are th massive double-bed diesel trucks with 18 wheels that carry 18 cubic years each and are 45 feet long. As many as 220,000 trucks will roll in and out of Hahamongna over a 3-5 year period, 450 each day of operations. Moving such a large number of massive double-bed trucks through the Hahamongna basin and nearby streets and freeways will have massive impacts on local neighborhoods. Access to Net Propulsion Laboratory, La Canada High Schools and other schools near Berkshire Drive will be heavily impacted. A County proposed alternative would have the trucks double back along Oak Grove Drive to enter the 210 Freeway at Arroyo/Windsor, but that would simply shift the impacts.

Once trucks leave the immediate Hahamongna area, they will enter the 210 Freeway headed south and east to Irwindale, where they will clog the current bottleneck interchange with the 134 Freeway. The inadequate one-lane tunnel connecting the two stretches of the 210 Freeway, which already routinely backs up with traffic for considerable periods of time, will be further impaired.

Rush hour traffic, both in the morning and evening, in the Hahamongna vicinty and on the 210 Freeway will be horrendous.