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The original settlers of the region were sometimes called the Hahamongna Indians. The word means "Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley" in the native Tongva language.

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Secretary for Resources Mike Chrisman to Announce $32.7 Million for California’s River Parkways




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CA Secretary of Resources


Secretary for Resources Mike Chrisman to Announce $32.7 Million for California’s River Parkways
Proposition 50 Funding Will Benefit River Parkway Projects Statewide

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Secretary for Resources Mike Chrisman will announce grants totaling $32.7 million at an awards ceremony June 28 to help fund 35 statewide river parkway projects. The event will begin at 10 a.m. at Middle Sunrise Park at Sunrise Boulevard and South Bridge Street in Rancho Cordova.

“Protecting our watersheds is a primary goal of the Resources Agency and of benefit to all Californians,” said Secretary Chrisman. “These projects will create or enhance miles of trails for families and communities throughout California, and will also restore and protect wildlife habitat for future generations.”

The grants, made possible through Proposition 50, will be used by 31 cities, counties, public agencies and non-profit organizations for the acquisition, restoration, protection and development of areas along rivers, streams and creeks. In total, the grants will fund nearly 59 miles of trail creation or enhancement and more than 1,914 acres of wildlife habitat restoration.

“Working together, we can continue to restore, preserve, and enhance California’s natural resources and provide access and recreation for both Californians and visitor to our state,” Chrisman said.

In 2002, California voters passed Proposition 50, the Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act of 2002, which authorized the Legislature to appropriate funds for the acquisition, restoration, protection and development of river parkways.

The California River Parkways Program, a competitive grant program administered by the Secretary for Resources, awards funds to public agencies and non-profit organizations to develop river parkways in their communities.

The grant program was developed with the assistance of a technical review committee consisting of biologists, geomorphologists (geologists who study landforms), ecologists, and recreation and public health professionals. The committee reviewed proposed project applications between January and March 2007 and conducted site visits in April and May, resulting in recommendations to the Secretary for these grant awards.

Proposition 50 funding is administered in three rounds, the first of which was awarded in June 2006 totaling $38.5 million and benefiting 37 projects. Applicants not receiving awards for this second phase of funding are encouraged to re-apply for the third round, totaling $20 million. Proposition 84 grants, which provide $66 million in River Parkways Program funding, will be rolled out over three years beginning in fiscal year 2008. Additionally, projects in the Los Angeles River Watershed will receive $1.6 million through a solicitation this summer.

All proposed projects awarded funding must comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Funding for proposed project implementation is contingent upon satisfactory evidence of compliance.

To be approved by lead agency decision makers, the proposed projects may change as a result of the CEQA process. However, any changes to the proposed projects must continue to meet all the objectives of the River Parkways Program and be consistent with the intent cited in the original applications.

A list of the selected proposed projects, contingent upon CEQA compliance, is attached.

For additional information on the grant process, visit the Resources Agency’s Proposition 50 Web site:


Albany, City of - Codornices Creek Restoration and Trail Project: Phase 3 (Reach 4) - $2,100,000

Restore Codornices Creek including widening the floodplain, restoring creek meanders and one acre of riparian habitat, and constructing 900 feet of trail for public access.

American River Conservancy - South Fork American River Parkway - $1,660,000

Acquire properties fronting and overlooking the South Fork of the American River containing 54 acres of key wildlife habitat and 1.55 miles of trail.

Bakersfield, City of - Kern River Upland and River Edge Restoration Project - $1,422,700

Restore 10.25 acres of the Kern River Parkway to its natural state and develop conservation and interpretive enhancements.

Big Sur Land Trust - South Bank Trail Project: Critical Connection along the Carmel River Parkway - $1,242,400

Construct a one mile trail segment on the Carmel River Parkway, including amenities.

California Department of Parks and Recreation - Snipes-Pershing Ravine Trail Improvement - $186,873

Construct 2,900 feet of trail by reconstructing an existing user-created trail and developing an ADA trail, install interpretive signing and treat invasive exotic species in the Snipes-Pershing Ravine portion of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area along the American River Parkway.

California Department of Parks and Recreation - Sacramento River at Pine Creek Access - $646,687

Construct day-use facilities, including picnic tables and a parking lot, to allow improved public access to 23 acres and a beach site on the Sacramento River.

Capitola, City of - Acquire Historic Golino Property for Park on Soquel Creek - $2,360,000

Acquire 1.6 acres on Soquel Creek for a waterfront park and conservation area.

City-County Office of Metropolitan Water Planning (Water Forum) - Sunrise Side Channel Project - $510,035

Interpret and enhance 1,300 linear feet of steelhead spawning habitat in the American River.

Lake Elsinore, City of - Historic Downtown Riverwalk Extension and Nature Trail Project (Flint Street to Riverside Drive) - $800,000

Create 1.7 miles of pedestrian/bicycle nature trail with interpretive signage for public access connecting the downtown area to the Collier Wetlands along Temescal Creek.

Los Angeles, City of - Los Angeles River Parkway – West Valley Phase 1 - $1,958,000

Construct two miles of a riverfront multi-use parkway with recreational elements, two acres of habitat restoration, storm water quality improvement and an educational program along the Los Angeles River.

Mattole Salmon Group - Upper Mattole River Parkway Phase II - $721,700

Enhance access and resource protection on the Upper Mattole River Parkway by constructing seven miles of trail and restoring 224 acres of habitat.

Merced, City of - Fahrens Creek Bike Path Enhancement - $30,529

Plant shade trees and install recreational amenities including informational kiosks, benches, picnic tables and a drinking fountain along an existing bike path through a wildlife observation area along Fahrens Creek.

Mono County - Mountain Gate Fishing Access Project - $473,155

Restore 15 acres of the natural floodplain and construct fishing access on the county-owned Mountain Gate site, adjacent to Walker Park, on the West Walker River.

Mono County - Mountain Gate Parkway Project - $727,620

Acquire 18.4 acres of riparian habitat in fee simple to develop a River Parkway on the West Walker River east of the town of Walker in Mono County. The property is adjacent to four parcels already owned by the county.

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority - Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path Enhancement - $192,319

Improve 7.2 miles of the existing Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path with 12 coordinated interpretive exhibits, new bike land striping, visitor amenities, and way-finding signage.

Muir Heritage Land Trust - Fernandez Ranch Restoration and Public Access Project - $1,920,409

Restore 3.8 acres of the riparian habitat and floodplain along Rodeo Creek, including bank stabilization, create 3.5 miles of a multi-use trail, bridge access and a staging area and trailhead at Christie Road.

North East Trees - Glendale Narrows Riverwalk Project - $1,100,000

Create 2,798 feet of a multi-purpose trail with pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian amenities and interpretive education displays on the Los Angeles River.

Pasadena, City of - Restoration of Berkshire Creek - $789,400

Restore 12.3 acres of habitat and develop 2,200 feet of a multi-use trail along Berkshire Creek, within Hahamongna Watershed Park on the Arroyo Seco River Parkway. Trail will include amenities such as interpretive signage, a picnic area, upgraded restroom and improved ADA access throughout the site.

Placer County - Hidden Falls Regional Park Improvements - $1,487,150

Construct 16.8 miles of non-motorized, multi-use hiking, equestrian and mountain biking trails and develop visitor amenities and interpretive features on a scenic 960 acre regional park along Coon Creek.

Plumas County - American Valley Gansner Park River Parkway - $160,874

Construct 2,200 feet of universal access trail along Spanish Creek in Gansner Park, outside of Quincy. The trail will include three areas with access to the creek and interpretive signage.

Portola, City of - Portola Gateway and River Parkway - $207,460

Acquire 1.29 acres with 475 feet of river frontage on the Middle Fork of the Feather River, demolish and remove dilapidated structures and recontour and revegetate the site to a natural river corridor condition.

Riverside County Parks and Open-Space District - Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway, Prado Basin to Green River - $1,784,851

Complete 2.2 miles of the Santa Ana River Trail from the Prado Basin to the Green River in Riverside County. The project includes trails for pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians, river overlooks and interpretive signage.

Sacramento, City of - Docks Area Acquisition Project - $340,429

Acquire three parcels to develop 1,500 feet of a future river parkway adjacent to the Sacramento River between Miller Park and the Tower Bridge.

Sequoia Riverlands Trust - Providing Public Access, Recreation and Interpretation along Dry Creek - $315,647

Develop 5,000 feet of trails, restore 75 acres of habitat, develop interpretive facilities, recreational amenities and a parking area overlooking the Dry Creek floodplain and along Dry Creek.

Siskiyou Land Conservancy - Siskiyou Fork Smith River Acquisition - $450,000

Acquire 160 acres on the Siskiyou Fork of the Smith River to protect 60 acres of habitat for future recreational and interpretive facilities, including five miles of trails.

Sonoma County Regional Parks - Cloverdale River Park, Phase 3 - $742,839

Develop a boat launch and amenities at the Cloverdale Regional Park on the Russian River, including restoring the channel, developing approximately 800 feet of trails and restoring 1.5 acres of riparian and riverine habitats.

Sonoma Ecology Center - Nathanson Creek Preserve Parkway - $658,680

Restore the riparian habitat on 2.4 acres and develop 400 feet of interpretive and recreational enhancements at the Nathanson Creek Preserve and Trail Corridor.

The Nature Conservancy of California - Gildred Family Ranch – Santa Maria Creek - $2,500,000

Acquire 1,350 acres in fee simple for habitat conservation and recreational purposes along the Santa Maria Creek, including the future development of two miles of trails.

Visalia, City of - St John’s Riverwalk - Ben Maddox Way to Harrel Grove - $817,400

Develop a nature park including 3,326 feet of trails, interpretive displays, a picnic area, trailhead parking and two acres of native plant and meadow restoration along the St Johns River.

West Sacramento, City of - Phase 5A of West Sacramento River Walk - $1,727,748

Extend River Walk on the Sacramento River by 210 linear feet south of the historic Tower Bridge, continuing the 20 foot wide promenade and lower walkway, install benches, lighting, plantings and restore .18 acres of habitat.

Willits, City of - Haehl Creek Segment of the Willits Creekside Trail System - $128,959

Construct the quarter-mile Haehl Creek Segment of the Willits Creekside Trail System with interpretive and recreational features to serve as a demonstration model and impetus for future trail segments.

Yolo County Planning Resources & Public Works - Putah Creek Trail and Riparian Enhancements - $398,097

Construct approximately 1.2 miles of new creek access trails to Putah Creek with interpretive signage, a kiosk and a monument sign, remove incidental trails, eradicate invasive non-native plants and revegetate with native riparian species on 18.35 acres.

Yolo County Planning Resources & Public Works - Elkhorn Regional Park Trail and Riparian Enhancements - $427,282

Construct 2,000 feet of trail on the Sacramento River with an interpretive kiosk, panels and signage, eradicate invasive non-native species of plants and revegetate with native riparian and oak woodland plants on 1.5 acres.

Yolo County Planning Resources & Public Works - Camp Haswell Trail and Riparian Enhancements - $310,757

Construct 1,900 feet of educational and interpretive trails on Cache Creek with interpretive signage and kiosk. A small handicapped assessable parking area will also be included, along with 2.5 acres of habitat restoration.

Yuba, City of - Feather River Parkway: Willow Island Project - $1,400,000

Convert abandoned sewage lagoons into a natural park by restoring five acres of native habitat and woodlands, installing 1.6 miles of pedestrian pathways, and improving access to a small beach on the Feather River.

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