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The original settlers of the region were sometimes called the Hahamongna Indians. The word means "Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley" in the native Tongva language.

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JPL agrees to build water treatment plant





Tracey Laity


Glendale News-Press


California Institute of Technology and City of Pasadena working together to find a site for plant.LA CA—ADA FLINTRIDGE -- NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has finalized an agreement with the city of Pasadena to build a water treatment plant that will help clear the area's contaminated groundwater supply.

Pasadena and the California Institute of Technology, which manages JPL, are working together to find a site for the plant on the east side of the Arroyo Seco, near Windsor Reservoir.

The city was forced to close four of its wells in 2003 when it was discovered that the drinking water supply had been contaminated with dangerously high levels of volatile organic compounds and perchlorate, which had leached into the soil from JPL.

The new plant, which is due to become operational in 2007, is the third of its kind to be built by NASA. There is one facility at JPL and another at the Lincoln Avenue Water Company in Altadena.

NASA's remedial project manager Steve Slaten called the agreement was an exciting step forward to cleaning up the local water supply.

"It allows NASA to be able to clean up the Monk Hill sub-basin far sooner than if we tried to remove all the chemicals using a treatment plant on site at JPL," he said. "Combined with our on-site treatment plant and with the NASA-funded system at Lincoln Avenue Water Co., this new major step moves toward a comprehensive clean-up and prevents further spread of these chemicals."

The decision to build a new water treatment plant is welcome, but it will have a minimal impact on La Cañada, Foothill Municipal Water District general manager Bill Pecsi said.

The Foothill Municipal Water District is a supplier of supplemental water to wells in La Cañada, La Crescenta and Altadena.

"Part of the service area would be affected by the spread of perchlorate but not residents on the west side of Arroyo Seco," Pecsi said. "The perchlorate has migrated to the east side of Arroyo Seco and so it only affects residents in those areas."

Councilman Dave Spence echoed the assurances.

"Most of the water in that site runs to Pasadena," he said. "It does not run into the water table where we draw our supply for residents in the our city."

Consuming high levels of organic compounds, found in solvents used to clean metals, and perchlorate -- a component of rocket fuel -- can be detrimental to people's health, said Slaten.