The Meaning of Hahamongna

The original settlers of the region were sometimes called the Hahamongna Indians. The word means "Flowing Waters, Fruitful Valley" in the native Tongva language.

Hahamongna News

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County Supervisor Barger’s Office: Sediment Removal at Devil’s Gate Dam Scheduled to Start in OctoberMarch 29, 2018 - A meeting between County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Mayor Tornek and members of the Pasadena City Council in the basement of City Hall yesterday clarified the status of the massive sediment excavation program that the County Flood Control District has planned for Hahamongna Watershed Park.
The Arroyo Seco was once snubbed for money for local restoration projects. That could soon be fixed. February 15, 2018 - Senator Anthony Portantino has introduced legislation to fix a grave flaw in the Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Working Group formed last year.
‘One Arroyo Day’ Saturday seeks input from the community on its vision for the Arroyo SecoNovember 16, 2017 - "One Arroyo Day" on Saturday will highlight the work of the Arroyo Advisory Group appointed by Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek to take a look at the priorities for the future of the Arroyo in Pasadena.
Supes scale back Devil’s Gate Big Dig sediment removal projectNovember 16, 2017 - The County Board of Supervisors acts to reduce the size of their sediment removal program for Devil's Gate Dam in response to tremendous community concern.
County Supervisors Approve Smaller "Big Dig" Sediment Removal Project for Devil's Gate DamNovember 8, 2017 - The County Supervisors have taken decisive action to reduce the size of the Flood Control District's excavation program for Hahamongna Watershed Park, but major concerns still remain.
LA County Supervisors approve scaled-down sediment removal project for Devil’s Gate Dam in PasadenaNovember 7, 2017 - In a major turnaround, the County Supervisors today voted to scale down the Flood Control District's massive sediment removal program for Hahamongna from 2.4 million cubic yards to 1.7 million.
Searching for a better dig for Hahamongna: Larry Wilson October 31, 2017 - Larry Wilson urges Supervisor Barger to "ask county staff to ratchet down the Big Dig into the Appropriately Scaled Dig, and then asks her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors to approve a new version of the plan to save Hahamongna and all that lives downstream."
Rim of the Valley: New plan emerges to add nearly 191K acres to Santa Monica Mountains Recreation AreaOctober 19, 2017 - Congressman Adam Schiff is re-introducing his proposal to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area to include the Arroyo Seco and almost 200,000 acres of open space and parkland.
Arroyo Seco Foundation Remains Confident Devil's Gate Lawsuit Will PrevailOctober 11, 2017 - Pasadena Now provides a recap of the Arroyo Seco Quarterly Meeting, featuring updates on County Flood Control's Big Dig sediment mining and trucking program at Devil's Gate Dame in Hahamongna Watershed Park, the One Arroyo vision process, a neat video by high school students on the Arroyo, and trout scouting in Bear Canyon.
Pasadena Nature Lovers Join Mayor Tornek on Hike, Brainstorm Future Arroyo Trail Improvements September 29, 2017 - Mayor Tornek leads a walk along a little-know trail on the west side of the Arroyo just north of Washington Blvd. This is the second in a series of walks led by the Mayor to promote increased appreciation and support for the Arroyo.
Three more public walks with Pasadena mayor planned for One ArroyoSeptember 20, 2017 - Look for three more walks with Mayor Tornek as part of his One Arroyo initiative.
Pasadena mayor walks, talks about possibly removing private equestrian clubs, camps from Arroyo SecoSeptember 17 - Put on your hiking shoes and take a walk in Hahamongna with Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek as part of his "One Arroyo" initiative. The mayor discusses the character of the Hahamongna area and the many sometimes conflicting uses there.
Bulldozers ready: Temporary dig planned behind Devil’s Gate Dam in PasadenaSeptember 14, 2017 - LA County Flood Control will begin an annual maintenance program at Devil's Gate Dam that will involve ten trucks a day and 4,000 cubic, less than 1% of the still pending Big Dig.
Walk The “Over-Loved” Arroyo with the MayorSeptember 10, 2017 - Tim Martinez encourages local residents to get involved and provide input and feedback to Mayor Tornek and the Arroyo Advisory Group about the future of the Arroyo Seco. And the walk with the Mayor this Saturday will be a good opportunity to do so.
Final Comments Due on Devil’s Gate ‘Big Dig’ ChallengeSeptember 7, 2017 - Comments regarding the County Flood Control District's revisions to the Environmental Impact Report for the Devil's Gate dam basin in Hahamongna Watershed Park are now due. Don Bremner and Tim Brick offer their take on the impact of the revisions on La Canada residents and others.
Looking for trout in Upper Arroyo Seco, he’s thinking of politics: Larry WilsonAugust 29, 2017 - Larry Wilson of the Star-News heads up to Switzer's Cam in the upper Arroyo Seco to scout for trout. The native trout are still there, Larry. Keep looking, but you're more likely to find them when there is more flow.
Devil's Gate-Eaton Canyon Pipeline Plan Dries UpAugust 10, 2017 - Well we know that the Eaton Canyon pipeline from Hahamongna Watershed Park won't travel across New York Drive. But does that mean the end of the controversial facility that has been linked to County Flood's Big Dig project in Hahamongna? Not clear. County's PR guy says the project is "on hold," but the pipeline has been on hold for thirty years. Be wary.
Caltech’s rocket-building occultist who cofounded NASA JPL is getting a TV showAugust 7, 2017 - Jack Parsons, the eccentric scientist who tested rockets and fuel accelerants in Hahamongna in the Arroyo Seco will be featured in a CBS streaming series. I wonder if they will discuss perchlorate?
Environmental Groups Which Won Anti-Sediment Removal Lawsuit Update Their PositionsAugust 7, 2017 - ASF and Pasadena Audubon will report to the Pasadena Environmental Advisory Commission on the status of their campaign against LA County Flood Control District's Big Dig sediment mining and trucking operation in Hahamongna Watershed Park. -
Arroyo group unveils new ideas, including a museum and new restaurants for Arroyo Seco in PasadenaJuly 27, 2017 - The Arroyo Advisory Group, appointed by Mayor Tornek and the City of Pasadena to plan a new vision for the Arroyo, held their first public meeting on Tuesday to mixed reviews on the projects and vision the group presented. Should the vision emphasize the nature of the Arroyo or fill it up with a lot of new recreational venues?
Altadenans again show they know why water is worth fighting for: Larry WilsonJuly 25, 2017 - Larry Wilson recaps last week's debate on the Big Dig and the Eaton Canyon Pipeline and praises Altadenans for their interest in and sophistication about water.
Altadenans Discuss Costly Pipeline Which Some Say Would Favor PasadenaJuly 21, 2017 - It was a lively discussion last night at the Altadena Heritage on two controversial water projects. The Eaton Canyon Pipeline and Dounty Flood's Big Dig at Hahamongna kept things lively.
Why the World’s Rivers Are Losing Sediment and Why It MattersJuly 20, 2017 - Here's a very illuminating article about the importance and value of sediment. Very relevant to the analysis of what should be done about sediment behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna. -
Arroyo Seco Foundation Talks Bringing Trout, Other Native Fish Back to PasadenaJuly 12, 2010 - Fish, like Rainbow Trout and even the majestic steelhead, used to be an important part of the Arroyo Seco. Tonight the Arroyo Seco Foundation will host a meeting to discuss the past, present and future of fish in the Arroyo Seco. Don't miss it.
Trailblazers: Nick Hummingbird of Hahamongna Native Plant NurseryJune 7, 2017 - Modern Hiker pays tribute to Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery's Nick Hummingbird.
Controlling Rivers & Managing WatershedsMay 15, 2107 - Here is a comparison of the similarities and differences of two very different watersheds - the massive Mississippi River Watershed and the Arroyo Seco Watershed presented by Susette Horspool.
New group seeks ideas for Pasadena’s ‘over-loved’ Arroyo SecoMay 2, 2017 - In a January Pasadena City Council meeting, Mayor Terry Tornek, in one compound word, aptly described the dilemma facing the city’s greatest recreational asset: The Arroyo Seco is “over-loved.” -
Mayor Tornek Announces New Arroyo Seco Task ForceApril 20, 2017 - The quarterly meeting of the Arroyo Seco Foundation at the Pasadena Central Library featured a review of Arroyo history and an illuminating presentation by Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek about the new for a new vision and governance approach to the Arroyo. Attorney Mitchell Tsai also presented an update on the No Big Dig lawsuit.
Judge's ruling puts a halt to L.A. County's plans at Devil's Gate DamApril 5, 2017 - More coverage on Judge Chalfant's ruling on the County Flood Control District's deficient Environmental Impact Report for Hahamongna.
City Commission Will Hear Arroyo Seco Parks and Landscaping Capital Improvement ProjectsApril 4,2017 - The City of Pasadena’s Recreation and Parks Commission will discuss recommended projects for parks and landscaping and Arroyo Seco projects funded under the Capital Improvement Program for fiscal years 2017 through 2022 during its regular meeting at the City Yards Second Floor on Tuesday, April 4, starting at 6 p.m.
Judge Halts Devil's Gate Sediment Removal ProjectMarch 24, 2017 - Environmentalists on Thursday won a temporary halt to a project to remove millions of cubic yards of sediment from behind Devil's Gate Dam near JPL in northwest Pasadena.
Environmentalists win temporary halt to Devil's Gate Dam dig-outMarch 23, 2017 - Environmentalists on Thursday won a temporary halt to a project to remove millions of cubic yards of sediment from behind Devil's Gate Dam, a project they said was so big it would harm air quality and wildlife habitat in the Hahamongna Watershed Park in the north end of Pasadena. -
Finding the hidden waterways of Los Angeles County, starting with the Arroyo SecoMarch 4, 2017 - Steve Scauzillo explores Hahamongna and its wonders. He laments the fact that a recent Pasadena candidates' forum neglected our region's most important environmental treasure. -
A better plan to shore up Devil’s Gate Dam: EditorialFebruary 17, 2017 - The San Gabriel Valley Newspapers discuss the Oroville Dam situation and local implications, advocating a smaller, slower sediment removal program for Devil's Gate Dam.
Devil’s Gate Dam sediment removal project dealt a blow after environmental report deemed ‘deficient’February 15, 2017 - Judge James Chalfant ruled the County Flood Control District's Environmental Impact Report on their Big Dig program for Hahamongna Watershed Park deficient and set a hearing on March 23 to consider remedies. -
New setback in plan to dredge Devil’s Gate DamFebruary 14, 2017 - KPCC covers Judge James Chalfant's ruling on the County Flood Control District's massive sediment excavation and trucking project for Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna.
Time for a new look at flood management in Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco: Guest commentaryJanuary 29, 2017 - LA County Supervisors should take a new look at the County Flood Control District's devastating program for Hahamongna in the Arroyo Seco at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.
State of the City: Mayor Tornek Mixes Revenue Warnings with Guarded OptimismJanuary 19, 2017 - Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek calls for reorganization and new vision for the Arroyo Seco to consider the entire Arroyo Seco "in a comprehensive way, not just as a site for a huge variety of user-driven functions, but as the living, beautiful, natural heart of our City."
"Big Dig" Lawsuit Moves Close to TrialJanuary 18, 2017 - The No Big Dig lawsuit filed by the Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Audubon more than two years ago is going to court on January 31. The lawsuit challenges the County Flood Control District's plan to scrape 2.4 million cubic yards of sediment out of Hahamongna Watershed Park.
FCD and environmentalists face off over “Big Dig” at Devil’s GateJanuary 15, 2017 - Bill Christian provides an incisive overview of the battle over sediment management behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Seven Awarded for Efforts to Protect the Arroyo Seco, the “Most Celebrated Canyon in Los Angeles”December 22, 2016 - In a festive celebration in the Community Room of the South Pasadena Library, seven individuals and organizations received an award for their contributions to preserving and enhancing the Arroyo and its communities at the 2016 Arroyo Verde Awards ceremony.
'Scratch and Sniff'October 20, 2016 - The Spirit of the Sage Council and Project Soliton do their best to poke holes in the environmental clearance for the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project, but will the judge believe their wild charges? - - -
Residents Concerned About Corporate Sponsorship, Signage in the ArroyoOctober 9, 2016 - Arroyo residents are raising concerns about possible corporate sponsorship and naming of open spaces in the Arroyo Seco.
City Wants Your Input About Proposed Park Signs for the Arroyo SecoSeptember 29, 2016 - Pasadena's Public Works staff has posted on online survey about signage in key parts of the Arroyo Seco; deadline: October 21st. -
Unchoking wild Pasadena’s wildlife choke points: Larry WilsonSeptember 13, 2016 - Larry Wilson traces the wildlife corridor up the Arroyo Seco to Hahamongna and over to Tujunga Canyon and a new study by Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy to preserve wildlife movement through the corridor. -
County officials and conservationists still at odds as sediment-removal plan at Devil's Gate Dam moves forwardJuly 21, 2016 - Dueling views of LA County Flood Control District's sediment program for Devil's Gate Dam were presented with a walkthough of the area sponsored by the Arroyo Seco Foundation followed by a community meeting in La Cañada sponsored by the Flood Control District.
County "Big Dig" Plan, Which Would Send Thousands of Truck Trips Rumbling Along Local Streets, Looms Large at Arroyo Seco MeetingJuly 21, 2016 - Eddie Rivera of Pasadena Now reports on the Arroyo Seco Foundation's meeting at the Central Pasadena Library on "What Does It Mean to Restore the Arroyo." LA County's sediment mining and trucking plan for Devil's Gate Dam was a major topic of discussion.
In the Eye of the 'Big Dig' Storm, Arroyo Seco Foundation Meets WednesdayJuly 18, 2016 - The Arroyo Seco Foundation will respond to LA County Flood Control District's Big Dig program for Hahamongna Watershed Park and outline some important restoration program in the Arroyo Seco at its quarterly meeting Wednesday night at the Pasadena Central Library.
Devil in the DetailsJuly 14, 2016 - André Coleman outlines the issues at stake in the County's Big Dig program for Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Devil's Gate Sediment Removal Project Meets with Skepticism at Wednesday Public MeetingJuly 14, 2016 - Here's the account of the first of LA County Flood Control District's community meetings to unveil their restoration program for the Big Dig excavation and trucking program for Hahamongna Waterhed Park. -
Why LA County wants to risk an endangered bird to clean Devil’s Gate DamJuly 12, 2016 - Although LA County Flood Control District basically ignored endangered species in their environmental impact report for the Devil's Gate Dam cleanup, they have now applied for an "incidental take permit" that would allow them to destroy vital habitat and actually kill the Least Bell's Vireo, a federally endangered species that is an important indicator of ecosystem health.
Devil's Gate Reservoir "Big Dig" Sediment Removal Public Meetings Start, Activists Want AnswersJuly 12, 2016 - Brandon Villalovos of Pasadena Now reports on the news conference held by Pasadena Audubon on Devil's Gate Dam on July 8th. #NoBigDig
What To Grow In Your Forage GardenJuly 8, 2016 - There's a responsible way to cultivate natives plants and develop them for food and medicinal uses. Grow them in your yard from plants from Hahamongna Cooperative Nursery. Julia Wasson outlines the issues and the opportunities.
County Public Works Department Announces Series of Public Meetings About Devil's Gate Sediment Removal ProjectJuly 6, 2016 - LA County Department of Public Works has announced a series of information meetings to address public concerns about their sediment removal project at Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Update on regional projectsJune 23, 2016 - County Flood Control officials Chris Stone and Keith Lilley made a report to the La Cañada City Council regarding the implementation of their Big Dig sediment excavation program for the Devil's Gate Dam area in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Hahamongna Cooperative Nursery – A Priceless Resource for Pasadena and Our RegionSpring 2016 - The Spring 2016 edition of the West Pasadena Residents Association Newsletter features an article about Hahamongna Cooperative Nursery.
A new proposal would vastly increase protected Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation AreaFebruary 16, 2016 - Here is Steve Scauzillo's revised and update article on the Rim of the Valley National Recreation Area plan unveiled today by the National Park Service. -
When is the best time to prepare for El Niño?January 15, 2016 - Tim Brick analyzes all the recent hype about Godzilla storms and statements by County Flood officials about the cause of local flood problems.
When Is the Best Time to Prepare for El Niño?Winter 2016 - Tim Brick offers this opinion piece on El Niño and flood preparation in the Winter 2016 edition of the West Pasadena Residents Association newsletter.
El Niño: Hundreds of homes could flood along Arroyo Seco Channel in biggest stormOctober 10, 2015 - Explains the potential impact of a strong El Niño that can threaten homes with a hazardous flood. - -
El Nino affects sediment removal needed above Devil’s Gate DamSeptember 28, 2015 - Hydroworld reprints a propaganda release from the LA County Flood Control District, using scare tactics to cover the County's shameful neglect of their flood maintenance responsibility.
Don’t let El Niño fears increase Big Dig at Devil’s GateSeptember 24, 2015 - The Pasadena Star-News and the San Gabriel Valley Newspapers takes a sound and sensible approach to flood management, unmoved by all the scare tactics and rumbling from the County Flood Control Districts.
Sediment to be cleared from Devil's Gate Dam in preparation for El Niño rainfall September 3, 2015 - The County Flood Control District is getting ready for winter storms by moving 1,000 cubic yards of sediment from the dam over to Johnson Field, but questions remain about how to develop an ongoing, sustainable dam management program that will provide flood protection and protect the rare environment in Hahamongna Watershed Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. -
With fierce El Niño forecast, county officials look for vulnerabilitiesAugust 19, 2015 - County Flood Control has dragged out their bags of tricks again, attempting scare and deceive the public by threats of the impacts of a "fierce" El Niño. But of course the County won't be able to do any sediment removal from Devil's Gate Dam for at least a year more. -
With 'Godzilla El Niño' expected, focus shifts to Pasadena dam that could overflowAugust 14, 2015 - Surprisingly shoddy journalism from the LA Times regarding the Hahamongna sediment situation. Clearly County Flood Control was whispering in their ear. -
Flowing Waters, Many QuestionsJuly 23, 2015 - A lawsuit has been filed by two organizations to block the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. The project, a partnership between the Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Water & Power Department, would expand local water resources during a drought period and improve conditions for fish and wildlife in the Arroyo Seco.
Imagining a Network of Native Plant Nurseries for the L.A. RiverJuly 23, 2015 - Grown in LA aims to promote a series of native plant nurseries for the LA River. Noticeably absent in this KCET report is the Arroyo Seco's Hahamongna Cooperative Nursery as well as Theodore Payne Foundation and other native plant stalwarts. -
Community calls for greener approach to cleaning out Devil’s Gate Dam in PasadenaFebruary 20, 2015 - Fragile ecosystems encircling Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada Flintridge and central Los Angeles are threatened by a county sediment-removal project that is outdated, unbalanced and a violation of environmental laws. -
Conservationists Take to Crowdfunding to Fight Hahamongna Watershed PlanFebruary 2, 2015 — ASF and the Audubon have embarked on a grassroots campaign to fight the Los Angeles County Flood Control District's (LACFD) $100-million plan to scrape the growing sediment off the basin at Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena as part of its Devil's Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal and Management Project.
Community Enthusiastically on Board for Arroyo Seco RestorationJanuary 23, 2015 - Los Angeles residents and its local officials may be focused on the $1 billion restoration plan for Los Angeles River, but communities in the northeast have their eyes trained on a similar U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project that aims to restore the Arroyo Seco.
Group eyes lawsuit aimed at Devil's Gate sediment removal planJanuary 14, 2015 - As the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works prepares to begin a five-year sediment haul at Devil's Gate Reservoir in the fall, some La Cañadans are rallying behind a lawsuit that aims to stop it in its tracks.
Pasadena Sierra Club Supports Lawsuit to Save HahamongnaJanuary 9, 2015 — The Pasadena Group of the Sierra Club has added their political and financial support to the No Big Dig! lawsuit to challenge the L.A. County Flood Control District's Devil's Gate Sediment Removal and Management Project.
Noxious NuisanceDecember 18, 2014 - The Pasadena Weekly covers the lawsuit against the Flood Control District and other elements of the lore of Hahamongna.
Devil’s Gate Dam project challenged by area environmentalistsDecember 15, 2015 — Two local environmental groups filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court challenging the Board of Supervisors’ recent approval of the controversial Devil’s Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal Project.
Arroyo ChampionsDecember 8, 2014 - The Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations presents the 2014 Arroyo Verde Awards honoring “outstanding dedication” to “protecting and improving the Arroyo Seco during the past year.”
Wrong call on hauling Devil’s Gate detritus: EditorialNovember 19, 2014 — We’re loath to go along with most threats of legal action after an elected body has made its decision, right or wrong. In this case, the county’s plan is so contrary to reason, so expensive, so ruinous to neighborhood tranquility for so many neighbors for a period of years, that we say: “See you in court!” -
Final environmental report approved for Devil’s Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal ProjectNovember 13, 2014 - The LA County Board of Supervisors approved the Flood Control Districts devastating plan to scrape 2.4 million cubic yards of sand and sediment out of the the Devil's Gate Basin in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
L.A. County supervisors OK debris clearance for Devil's Gate DamNovember 13, 2014 - County Supervisors approve the Flood Control District's sediment trucking plan for Hahamogna Watershed Park by a 4-1 vote despite strong opposition.
Controversy lingers on Devil's GateNovember 12, 2014 - The Sun recaps the last dog and pony show put on by LA County on their plan to clean out the Devil's Gate Dam basin in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Letter: There's a plan ready for Devil's GateOctober 30, 2014 — Last May the Pasadena City Council unanimously approved a plan of 1.7 mcy by the Sediment Working Group that proposes an agreement with the county to achieve and maintain a capacity in the Hahamongna basin for 2.5 mcy of sediment with no more than 220,000 cy removed per year, except after large storm events. This would ensure flood protection while minimizing impacts.
Friends of Hahamongna Urges Pasadena Council to Defend HahamongnaOctober 28, 2014 - Friends of Hahamongna went to the Pasadena City Council meeting last night to urge the Council to fight for its recommendations for sediment management in Hahamongna Watershed Park. -
Size of Devil’s Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal Project reducedOctober 20, 2014 — The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works plans to remove 2.4 million cubic yards of sediment from behind the Devil’s Gate Dam over the next several years, according to the final environmental impact report (EIR) for the project released Monday.
La Cañada History: Foothill Freeway bridge opens after delay caused by collapseSeptember 3, 2014 - The 210 Freeway spanning the Arroyo Seco just south of Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park opened 40 years ago. -
County to remove sediment from Devil’s Gate Dam as interim measureAugust 22, 2014 - While the public anxiously awaits LA County's Big Dig Plan for sediment accumulated behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamngna Watershed Parks, the County announces small-scale sediment removal plan for October.
In good news about L.A. River, what about Arroyo Seco?: Guest commentaryAugust 20, 2014 - There's good news and even better news for Arroyo lovers about the US Army Corps of Engineer's Arroyo Seco restoration study. Tim Brick evokes President Roosevelt's views on the unique qualities of the Arroyo Seco. -
Pasadena Council to discuss forming 710 Freeway task forceJune 3, 2014 - Pasadena Councilman Terry Tornek calls for a citizens committee on the Long Beach Freeway, citing the success of the Devil's Gate Sediment Working Group regarding Hahamongna Watershed Park.
New plan on Devil’s Gate should be adopted: EditorialMay 21, 2014 - The San Gabriel Valley lauds the work of the Sediment Working Group, whose recommendations have been adopted by the City of Pasadena for the management of Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Pasadena Council approves Devil’s Gate Dam sediment removal recommendationsMay 12, 2014 - Pasadena has taken a strong stand, telling LA County Flood Control District that it will insist on a sediment management program for Hahamongna Watershed Park that will emphasize reduced impacts and sustainability.
The Dammed Past of Devil’s GateMarch 19, 2014 - A look back at the history of Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park. -
The Devil’s in the DetailsMarch 10, 2014 - Pasadena Magazine asks: "Everyone agrees that sediment behind the Devil’s Gate Dam must be removed to prevent flooding. But does stunning wetland habitat really need to be destroyed to make that happen?"
Pasadena Establishes Sediment Working GroupFebruary 6, 2014 - Here is Pasadena Public Works Director Siobhan Foster's memorandum to Pasadena City Manager Michael Beck establishing the sediment working group that will develop Pasadena's position on the County's sediment trucking program in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
A smarter way to attack L.A.'s sediment problemJanuary 17, 2014 - Christle Balvin advocates a slow, ongoing program and a County task force on sediment as the smarter way to address LA County's massive sediment issue.
City officials and local residents join forces against sediment removal plans for Devil’s Gate DamJanuary 2, 2014 - Local officials and residents are voicing strong objections to key elements of a Los Angeles County plan to remove massive quantities of sediment from behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Pasadena Officials Express Concern Over Devil's Gate ProposalDecember 17, 2013 - The Pasadena City Council took a tough stance last night in responding to LA County's Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Devil's Gate Sediment Removal and Management Program in Hahamongna Watershed park.
Letter: Sediment removal project too largeDecember 11, 2013 - Mary Barrie writes a letter to the La Canada Valley Sun expressing her concerns about the County's sediment removal program for Hahamongna.
Around Town: The real dirt on the Devil's Gate cleanupDecember 11, 2013 - La Cañada resident Anita Brenner raises important issues about the perchlorate contamination at Hahamongna and its potential impacts on LA County's sediment removal program. -
Devil's Gate Dam sediment project isn't settling well for residentsDecember 4, 2013 - Local residents came to the La Cañada Flintridge City Council study session on the County's sediment program in Hahamongna Watershed Park and raised major concerns.
Letter: Report reveals threats to parkNovember 20, 2013 - Letter-writer Marne Gaede outlines the threats to local schools and nearby communities from LA County's sediment removal program at Hahamongna.
Go slow on removing Devil’s Gate detritus: EditorialNovember 20, 2013 - The Star-News and the San Gabriel Newspapers endorse a slow, careful approach to the removal of sediment behind Devil's Gate Dam.
County wants flood control pipeline to cut across AltadenaNovember 20, 2013 - Now the County plans to take water from Hahamongna to Eaton Canyon.
L.A. County meeting on Hahamongna dredging project draws fire from Pasadena residentsNovember 16, 2013 - The meeting in Altadena on the County Flood Control Districts plan to scrape down Hahamongna raised issues not only about the plan but also about meeting manipulation.
City Will Issue Opinion on Devil’s Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal ProjectNovember 14, 2013 - The Pasadena City Council will review LA County's proposed sediment management program for Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna on December 16, 2013.
County presents options for Devil's Gate Dam sediment removalOctober 26, 2013 - "L.A. County presents options for removal of mud and debris that compromises the capacity of Devil's Gate Dam in Pasadena to check flooding." Hahamongna Watershed Park
Flood Control District to Build 5-Mile Pipeline Across PasadenaOctober 8, 2013 - The LA County Flood Control District has scored big in Sacramento winning $28 million for a cross-Pasadena pipeline from Devil's Gate in Hahamongna to Eaton Canyon.
Devil’s Gate and Eaton Canyon to be connected by pipelineOctober 7, 2013 - The Flood Control District has found funding to improve capacity in Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park in northwest Pasadena and to pipe water across town to Eaton Canyon Wash.
Devil’s Gate and Eaton Canyon to be connected by pipelineOctober 7, 2013 - LA County Flood Control has been awarded a $28 million state grant that will pipe stormwater from Devil's Gate Dam reservoir east across Altadena to Eaton Canyon.
Sediment Removal Resumes at Devil's Gate Dam September 19, 2013 - The County of Los Angeles Flood Control District is conducting a small operation this month to move and remove about 5,000 cubic yards of sediment in the Hahamongna/Devil's Gate basin at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.
Sediment Removal Resumes at Devil's Gate Dam September 19, 2013 - The County of Los Angeles Flood Control District is conducting a small operation this month to move and remove about 5,000 cubic yards of sediment in the Hahamongna/Devil's Gate basin at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.
County Announces Devil's Gate Sediment Management Review MeetingsSeptember 19, 2013 - Los Angeles County Department of Public Works announces public meetings to review their yet-to-be-released Environmental Review documents for the sediment management program at Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Out of their depth?July 24, 2013 - Here is Dianne Patrizzi's report for two important Pasadena official meetings, the Hahamongna Advisory Committee and the City Council Municipal Services Committee.
Pasadena to Look Into "Swath of Destruction" in Hahamongna (Video)July 11, 2013 - Edison's practices and presence in Hahamongna will be reviewed by the Pasadena City Council as the result of recent "maintenance" work on their power lines.
Celebrate the Arroyo, Go on a HikeMay 31, 2013 - Pasadena Now recaps ASF's "Celebrate the Arroyo" event at Caltech with a rundown of participants and events that highlighted the celebration.
Larry Wilson: Getting it together with the Arroyo Seco FoundationMay 29, 2013 - Larry Wilson meets Christopher Nyerges on the Arroyo trails and promotes the Arroyo Seco Foundation's Celebrate the Arroyo event at Caltech.
Save Hahamongna ... againMay 16, 2013 - Hugh Bowles comments on Pasadena's Hahamongna plans in a letter to the Pasadena Weekly.
Field of GreenApril 17, 2013 - Environmentalist Hugh Bowles claims victory after city ends plans to build a soccer facility in Hahamongna Watershed Park
Plant Oaks in Hahamongna for Earth DayApril 4, 2013 - The public is welcome to a reforestation event in the Hahamongna Watershed Park woodland April 13.
JPL Parking Relocation Temporarily Closes TrailMarch 29, 2013 - A new parking structure on the east side of the campus will be built so the current Arroyo lot can be open space, the Pasadena Star-News reports.
JPL parking lot, soccer field project to be removed from Hahamongna ParkMarch 28, 2013 - Hahamongna Watershed Park is set for big changes in the near future. The massive JPL parking lot at the top of the basin will be relocated, and Pasadena is hoping to move the controversial soccer field formerly planned for the middle of the basin to nearby Muir High School.
Arroyo Seco Foundation's Annual Hahamongna Walkabout Adds Recreational StationsMarch 21, 2013 - This year Hahamongna Walkabout features the recreational opportunities that rare natural spots like Hahamongna offer.
Soccer field proposal for John Muir High School gets mixed reviewsMarch 15, 2013 - Pasadena plans for developing a soccer field at Muir High School instead of at Hahamongna Watershed Park run into the dreams of the organizers of an organic farm on the Muir campus to expand onto the same site, which is now a softball field.
Pasadena mulls moving Hahamongna soccer field to Muir campusMarch 8, 2013 - Pasadena is considering moving the proposed soccer field from Hahamongna to Muir High School. The proposal will be reviewed at two upcoming meetings.
Past, Present, FutureFebruary 28, 2013 - South Pasadena celebrates 125 years of history as told by Kevin Uhrich and Justin Chapman.
Proposed Hahamongna Athletic Field Could Move to John MuirFebruary 26, 2013 - "The project would use a $1 million grant that would require work to be done on the field by June 2015, the Pasadena Sun reports."
Tim BrickFebruary 23, 2013 - Mademoiselle Gramophone pays tribute to former Metropolitan Water District Director Tim Brick as his successor is named by the Pasadena City Council.
Pasadena officials seek compromise on controversial soccer field proposalFebruary 20, 2013 - Pasadena officials are now looking to Muir High School as the site for a new soccer field instead of the flood basin in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
ASF wins $3.3M grant for HahamongnaWinter 2013 - A short description of the $3.3M grant from the Integrated Regional Water Management Program to the Arroyo Seco Foundation for the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project.
Pasadena takes note of Eagle Scouts' Hahamongna upgradesDecember 20, 2012 - Project is in the city's territory, but the county Parks and Recreation Department cares for it, says spokeswoman.
Pasadena takes note of Eagle Scouts' Hahamongna upgradesDecember 20, 2012 - Project is in the city's territory, but the county Parks and Recreation Department cares for it, says spokeswoman.
Public comment should matter in master planDecember 9, 2012 - Dianne Patrizzi writes a letter regarding the public comments on the Hahamongna Multi-Use/Multi-Benefit Project environmental impact report; Pasadena staff has recently announced that they will provide no formal response to those comments.
Arroyo Seco Foundation Receives $3.3 Million for Hahamongna ImprovementsNovember 16, 2012 - Funding for water and environmental improvements in the Hahamongna region of the Arroyo Seco has now been finalized. -
State awards $3.3 million grant for Hahamongna improvementsNovember 3, 2012 - Water and environmental improvements in the Arroyo Seco stream above the JPL Bridge in Hahamongna will begin now that a $3.3 million state grant has been finalized.
Conservancy Approves Grant to Restore Flint Canyon TrailNovember 2, 2012 - Assemblymember Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) helped negotiate an agreement to preserve and restore the Flint Canyon Trail in La Cañada Flintridge. The trail connects hikers, bikers and equestrians to the foothills and Hahamonga Park in Pasadena.
Hahamongna Gets $3.3 Million for ImprovementsOctober 31, 2012 - "The Pasadena City Council approved a series of agreements Monday aimed to improve water reliability and environmental conditions in Hahamongna."
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy donates $50,000 for La Cañada trailOctober 30, 2012 - "The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy on Monday approved a $50,000 grant for the repair and improvement of La Cañada Flintridge’s eroding Flint Wash Trail."
City Council to Discuss Hahamongna Native Habitat Restoration ProgramOctober 29, 2012 - "The Council appears set to enter an agreement to spend $4.8 million, $3.2 of it from a state grant, on native habitat restoration on the west side of Hahamongna."
City Council to Discuss Hahamongna Native Habitat Restoration ProgramOctober 29, 2012 - "The Council appears set to enter an agreement to spend $4.8 million, $3.2 of it from a state grant, on native habitat restoration on the west side of Hahamongna."
Officials rethink Hahamongna plansOctober 21, 2012 - Pasadena officials are reconsidering plans to fill in 27 acres of wetlands and buffer habitat in Hahamongna.
Looking For AcornsOctober 08, 2012 - The Arroyo Seco Foundation Watershed program coordinator is sending out a call for acorns.
Local Bike Club Invites Riders to Arroyo Seco Ride to CicLAviaOctober 05, 2012 - Arroyo CicLAvia will lead a bike ride along the Arroyo Seco this Sunday and join other bikers, walkers, runners, skaters for a car-free celebration in Downtown LA. Oh, and you're invited.
Rare, endangered bird spotted in Pasadena, San Gabriel RiverOctober 01, 2012 - Least bell's vireo - a shy bird found only in California's diminishing wetlands - has miraculously fought off extinction and could spark a SoCal-style face-off between developers and conservationists. - - - -
An Endeavour to rememberSeptember 22, 2012 - Here's the view from JPL and Hahamongna of the space shuttle Endeavour fly-over on Friday.
Shuttle to fly over JPL today on its final voyageSeptember 21, 2012 - Look to the skies today over Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco as the shuttle Endeavour takes its victory lap over Jet Propulsion Laboratory today.
Saved by the Bells?September 11, 2012 - The appearance of the endangered Least Bell's Vireo in the willows of Hahamongna may be the key to saving that precious habitat now threatened by a soccer field and parking lot. -
Million-dollar questionsSeptember 5, 2012 - Activist says city officials stretched the truth to win grant money for soccer field at Hahamongna
Danny's Farm brings petting zoo for Devil's Gate Dam 5K runAugust 25, 2012 - Aztlan Athletics hosted the inaugural Devil's Gate Dam 5K Run/Walk at Hahamongna Watershed Park benefiting Danny's Farm, a working petting zoo established to provide a safe environment for people with developmental disabilities.
'What would the Tongva do?'August 23, 2012 - Christopher Nyerges reports on the scoping meetings held in July for Pasadena's Hahamongna EIR.
CV Explorers Ace Ambush SituationAugust 21, 2012 - In Hahamongna Watershed Park: "The explorers participated in police scenarios that replicate real-life situations from dealing with an active shooter to quelling a mentally unstable person." -
5K Run/Walk, August 25th in HahamongnaAugust 09, 2012 - The Devil's Gate Run/Walk will help support Danny's Farm.
Body found in Pasadena park identified as Glendale resident, 51August 8, 2012 - A body found in Hahamongna Watershed Park has now been identified.
City has its own bear to crossJuly 22, 2012 - A bear is showing up Pomander Place in La Canada Flintridge. Residents speculate that he wanders up Flint Canyon from Hahamongna. -
Critics oppose Hahamongna Park planJuly 14, 2012 - Everyone was a critic Thursday night at the scoping hearing for the environmental impact report for a soccer field, parking lot and other "improvements" at Hahamongna Watershed Park. Not one participant spoke out in favor of the athletic field and other features that would degrade nature there. -
Larry Wilson: Saving Millard Canyon forever and a dayJuly 13, 2012 - Larry Wilson tells the good news about the efforts of the Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy and other local groups to purchase a critical 13 acres of Millard Canyon for future generations.
Hahamongna Park awaits environmental reviewJuly 8, 2012 - The environmental review process to determine the nature and character of Hahamongna is beginning.
JPL to build $18M parking structureJuly 07, 2012 - One of the NASA center's current parking lots is set to be turned back into parkland.
Officials Outline Sports Field, Trail, Habitat Restoration Plans for HahamongnaJune 29, 2012 - Pasadena officials outlined the plans of four major projects that are planned for the Hahamongna Watershed Park at a meeting Wednesday, but some attendees were looking for more details.
Pasadena meeting on future of Hahamonga area scheduledJune 28, 2012 - A city-sponsored public meeting to answer questions on plans for the Hahamongna area will be held at 6:30 p.m. today at Pasadena City Yards, 233 W. Mountain Ave.
Meeting on Hahamongna Field, Trail Project to be Held WednesdayJune 26, 2012 - "A sports field project that has long drawn opposition from local environmental advocates is about to enter the state-required environmental planning process. An informational meeting on the project is scheduled for Wednesday."
Art museum founders bow out during 10th anniversary celebrationsJune 22, 2012 - The Oltmans are moving beyond their fabulous art museum on Union Street and looking for new opportunities . . . perhaps in Hahamongna? -
How Should Officials Remove the Devil's Gate Dam Sediment?June 19, 2012 - "The deadline for public comment has been extended on a plan for how to best handle potential environmental damage from dam sediment removal."
Frisbee Golf: Shooting the BreezeJune 11, 2012 - It's the first and oldest golf course in the world, and it's right there at Hahamongna.
Saving Hahamongna, Last Ditch EffortsMay 30, 2012 - A long-discussed soccer field and bike trail project are coming very close to fruition, and there is little time for opponents to do anything about it.
Hahamongna activists riled about meeting notices, timingMay 24, 2012 - Meetings have now been scheduled for the environmental impact report on Pasadena's plans to parking lots and soccer fields in Hahamongna Watershed Park. -
Meetings to be Held on Sports Field, Trail Projects in HahamongnaMay 23, 2012 - "The public will have a chance to give input on a plan to put a sports field in an open space area in the Hahamongna Watershed Park."
Trails Council is honoredMay 5, 2012 - La Canada trails advocates were recognized for their forty years work of developing a nature trail ringing their community. - -
Queen for a Doo Dah dayApril 5, 2012 - Arroyo activist Dianne Patrizzi will rein over the DooDah Parade this year as Queen. Abandoning her former persona as Princess Hahamogna Cowabunga, Queen Dianne will reign as Princess Patrizzi Intergarlictica. -
Foraging for Food in HahamongnaFebruary 26, 2012 "In search of the wild bunch: edible plants including chickweed, miner's lettuce, and mustard greens"
Teaching the art of horse whisperingFebruary 18, 2012 - A master horse-trainer comes to the Rose Bowl Riders rink in Hahamongna Watershed Park. -
Time to Complete the Altadena Crest TrailFebruary 17, 2012 - "With new land purchases and legal settlements coming to a head, there is nothing stopping the county from finally building a trail across Altadena."
Logan Turner Wins Disc Golf’s 34th Annual Wintertime Open Amateurs EventFebruary 16, 2012 - Local Logan Turner walked away with top honors at the Hahamongna disc golf tournament over the weekend.
Santa helps with MACH 1 benefitDecember 14, 2011 - MACH 1 (Move a Child Higher) has a photo opportunity for local children at Hahamongna.
Reaching for a greener tomorrowDecember 8, 2011 - Bike riders from the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program enlisted the assistance of students from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and Crestview Prep. Arroyo Seco Watershed Coordinator Jonathan Frame directed the energetic crew at Hahamongna.
Ride-A-Thon raises funds for youth programNovember 23, 2011 - MACH1 holds a fundraiser horse ride or series of rides at Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Hearty Turnout for 'Wild Bill' MemorialNovember 14, 2011 - Dozens of people showed up for a memorial in Hahamongna Watershed Park Sunday, for William Pluma Barrios, the longtime homeless man known around town as "Wild Bill.''
Service planned for 'Wild Bill'November 10, 2011 - There will be a memorial service on Sunday for Wild Bill, the homeless fellow who frequented Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Painful for the Family, but 'Wild Bill' Lived How, Where He WantedNovember 7, 2011 - "Erik Chavez, the brother of endeared La Cañada transient William Pluma Barrios who was found dead in Hahamongna Watershed Park last month, described "Wild Bill'' as a gentle and tortured soul who felt more at peace living in the woods than under a roof."
Opening of NASA-funded water-treatment plant celebratedOctober 21, 2011 - The long-awaited treatment that will remove rocket fule from Pasadena wells has been dedicated.
Contract approved in Pasadena's dam projectOctober 19, 2011 - The Pasadena City Council approved a $356,000 contract for an environmental impact report for projects at Hahamongna Watershed Park.
What I Do for Love – of HahamongnaOctober 18, 2011 - Karen Buggee, the Altadena Hiker, reviews the second County scoping meeting for the sediment removal project at Devil's Gate Dam/ Hahamongna.
Public, County Officials Engage Over Hahamongna ProjectOctober 6, 2011 - "The Wednesday night meeting at the Rose Bowl was part of the process for the environmental impact report for the plan to clean out the Devil's Gate Dam." - -
Giant Devil's Gate flood-control project in Pasadena begins environmental processSeptember 28, 2011 - In the first step toward a mammoth five-year county flood-control project, due to start in 2014, the public is being asked to weigh in on the environmental implications of dredging millions of cubic yards of sediment from Devil's Gate Dam. - - - - - -
Devil's Gate Dam Project Could be Larger than ExpectedSeptember 26, 2011 - "The County Department of Public Works could remove up to 4 million cubic yards of dirt instead of the original plan of around 2 million."
Thoughts from Dr. Joe: Practicing the art of stewardshipSeptember 22 2011 - Columnist Joe Puglia reviews the history of the Tongva people in our region.
Public Input Meetings on Hahamongna 'Big Dig' to be Held in October September 9, 2011 - "The meetings are part of the environmental impact report process of the plan to remove up to 2 million cubic yards of dirt from the Devil's Gate Dam."
Steve Scauzillo: Oh, the places you'll go for shadeAugust 28, 2011 - Steve Scauzillo lists Hahamongna as a great place to go to enjoy nature while avoiding the worst of the summer heat.
The Hahamongna questionAugust 16, 2011 - "The basin above Pasadena is now a flood threat after filling with debris in the wake of the Station fire. Plants and animals are thriving, but worried people below may end all that." -
County to Store Sediment in Hahamongna in Dam Clean-out ProjectAugust 2, 2011 - "The City of Pasadena approved a request from the county to use the field to store sediment removed from the Devil's Gate Dam, which will greatly reduce the level of truck traffic that was expected for Windsor Avenue in Altadena." -
Temporary 'toadal' ban on dumping debris at Johnson FieldJuly 19, 2011 - The presence of thousands of tiny toads on Johnson Field in Hahamongna will delay the County's plans to move forward on a short-term sediment removal program behind Devil's Gate Dam.
Protecting open spaceJuly 18, 2011 - Dianne Patrizzi in the Letters to the Editor section writes a statement about the importance and difficulties of defending and protecting open space in Pasadena and our region.
Pasadena halts Devil's Gate Dam dirt removal to save toadsJuly 17, 2011 - "Officials decided to postpone the project after some complained that the amphibians in Johnson Field, where the dirt was to be temporarily stored,would get buried under truckloads of sediment."
Town Council to Ask Pasadena to Reconsider Dam Clean-Out IssueJune 22, 2011 - "The Altadena Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to request that Pasadena consider the possibility of allowing storage of dam debris in the Hahamongna Watershed Park as a way to minimize truck traffic on Altadena streets."
Hahamongna On-Site Storage Unlikely for Dam Clean-outJune 17, 2011 "A plan that would have resulted in reduced truck traffic on Altadena streets is now unlikely as Pasadena officials pull consideration of on-site debris storage from next Monday's meeting."
L.A. County crews to begin removing mud from basin behind Pasadena damJune 13, 2011 -- After shoddy and sensational coverage of the sediment management issue at Devil's Gate, the LA Times finally covers the interim steps County Public Works is taking to reduce the immediate flood threat there. The Times does erroneously report that a dam valve is inoperable and repeats its irresponsible scare tactics by talking about massive mud and debris flooding downstream facilities and communities within forty minutes.
Larry Wilson: Back into Upper Arroyo after fire came throughJune 11, 2011 - The Gabrielino Trail up the Arroyo Seco is open again, so intrepid editor Larry Wilson headed up the canyon to survey the post-fire scene.
New Hahamongna Route Option Would Drastically Cut Truck TrafficJune 2, 2011 - "An on-site storage option for the Hahamongna dam clean-out project would eliminate almost all truck traffic this summer, but could just delay the inevitable truck traffic for later on." - -
Route Recommended for Hahamongna Silt RemovalJune 2, 2011 - "Discussion brewed regarding a plan that would pack Altadena or LCF streets with public works trucks hauling loads of dirt from Hahamongna Watershed Park."
How to Haul Sediment from Devil’s Gate DamMay 28, 2011 - Don Bremner of the local Sierra Club details the County's plan for their interim measures for sediment removal at Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna this summer, clarifying efforts to reduce the impact. -
Larry Wilson: More mud in the fight about Devil's Gate muckMay 21, 2011 - Larry Wilson cites a Pomona College expert on the importance of Devil's Gate Dam at Hahamongna and the importance of doing something about the sediment buildup there.
Land conservancy's co-founder to hand over reinsMay 19, 2011 - Nancy Steele will step down as president of the Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy, turning over the reins to Tim Wendler.
Town Council Recap: Hahamongna Truck Traffic, Cell Tower HearingMay 18, 2011 - The Altadena Town Council meeting heard a report on truck traffic at Hahamongna related to the interim sediment removal program this summer.
Supervisor Antonovich Responds to LATimes Hahamongna EditorialMay 11, 2011 - Supervisor Antonovich response to the recent Times editorial on sediment removal at Devil's Gate Dam in the Arroyo Seco.
Messing with Pasadena's Devil's GateMay 6, 2011 - "EDITORIAL - L.A. County supervisors have foolishly kept the Department of Public Works from clearing out the mud-choked basin above Devil's Gate Dam in Pasadena."
Hahamongna Dam Cleanout Could Put Trucks on Altadena Streets Starting in JulyApril 21, 2011 - "The interim plan to clean out the Devil's Gate Dam in the Hahamongna Watershed Park could send a constant stream of trucks out through a JPL parking lot on the border of Altadena and Pasadena." -
Hahamongna Dam Cleanout Could Put Trucks on Altadena Streets Starting in JulyApril 21, 2011 - The interim plan to clean out the Devil's Gate Dam in the Hahamongna Watershed Park could send a constant stream of trucks out through a JPL parking lot on the border of Altadena and Pasadena.
Public Works details Hahamongna interim planApril 20, 2011 - Altadena Blog reports on the presentation of County Public Works to the Altadena Town Council.
County to Start Work on Devil’s GateApril 6, 2011 - Dean Lee reports on the Pasadena City Council meeting with County Supervisor Antonovich regarding the County's plans to clean out Devi's Gate Dam.
Report on recent Hahamongna Advisory meetingMarch 26, 2011 - Mary Barrie reports on the meeting of the Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee meeting this seek.
Photo Gallery: Environmental Education at HahamongnaMarch 7, 2011 - "Tim Brick of Arroyo Seco Foundation estimates more than 150 people turned out for walk and learning stations."
Hahamongna Walkabout Recap
Our View: Open up our county dam projects March 3, 2011 - The county needs to open up its decision making process. -
Hahamongna: wildlife and walkaboutMarch 2, 2011 - Spectacular wildlife photography from Denis Callet
Supervisors agree environmental report needed for Devil's Gate projectMarch 1, 2011 - There will be an EIR for the County's sediment removal program at Hahamongna.
County approves environmental impact report for Devils Gate Dam sediment removalMarch 2, 2011 - It was a dramatic scene at the County Supervisors but after a lot of jockeying the Supervisors approved an EIR for the Hahamongna sediment removal program. -
UPDATE: Hahamongna Walkabout Delayed Due to Rain
Two New Initiatives to Save HahamongnaFebruary 12, 2011 - Save Hahamongna announces a new petition campaign as well as an exciting educational event.
Tree Dumping in HahamongnaFebruary 9, 2011 - Wondering about the tree debris in Hahamongna near the Oak Grove parking lot? That's right. The area where Pasadena wants to put the soccer field.
Environmental Advocates Unsatisified With County Task Force on Hahamongna and Arcadia WoodlandsFebruary 4, 2011 - "The task force created in the wake of the removal of oak trees in the Arcadia Woodlands had its first meeting this week, and so far, some local advocates who were in attendance, are not impressed."
County Officials Answer Questions on Hahamongna PlanJanuary 28, 2011 - "Although two county officials answered a few questions about the county's plan, they did not give a presentation at Tuesday night's meeting, but they did get an earful from a few concerned residents and committee members."
Thomas K. Underbrink: civil engineer for Devil's Gate, HahamongnaJanuary 28, 2011 - Tom Underbrink, Hahamongmongna visionary is eulogized in Altadena Patch.
Sediment and SandJanuary 27, 2011 - Petrea Burchard presents this report from the Tuesday night meeting of the Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee in here Pasadena Daily Photo blog.
Is Green about Civil Disobedience?January 27, 2011 - L. Barlow reports on recent Hahamongna meetings and on the persistent community support for preserving the natural qualities of the area.
Could Lessons from Arcadia Woodlands Result in Better Hahamongna Plan? January 21, 2011 - "Could Lessons from Arcadia Woodlands Result in Better Hahamongna Plan? County officials are setting up a task force that will advise on future sediment removal plans, including the plan in Devil's Gate Dam. Some open space advocates are skeptical of whether the task force will be taken seriously."
Arcadia's oak habitat illustrates challenges facing county flood controlJanuary 16, 2011 - The destruction of the Arcadia Woodland illustrates the problems the County of Los Angeles has in dealing with its dams and the sediments they trap. Devil's Gate Dam and Hahamongna are cited as the next victim of the County's juggernaut. "Emergency? What Emergency," says Altadena Lori Paul.
Capturing Hahamongna's wildlife in his lensDecember 30, 2010 - Photographer Denis Callet is documenting the wildlife in Hahamongna with pictures.
Rainfall refuels dwindling water suppliesDecember 25, 2010 - Rebecca Kimitich writes on the management of flood resources and their water supply implications, including at Devil's Gate Dam and Hahamongna.
A Drop in the BucketDecember 21, 2010 - Altadena Hike Karin Bugge offers an opinion piece about weather, nature and how we handle it with particular application to Hahamongna.
Hahamongna RevisitedDecember 12, 2010 - A Hahamongna Blogger reports on the Arroyo Verde ceremony and the advocacy award presented to the Hahamongna Bloggers as well as on the difficulty of preserving such a special place as the Arroyo Seco.
Larry Wilson: Debris-basin politics slams foothills againDecember 5, 2010 - Larry Wilson decries the heavy-handed operations of sediment basins in our region.
WTFDecember 5, 2010 - The pasadenadailyphoto blog offers spectacular photography and interesting commentary. Here Petrea Burchard highlights the big issues about sediment removal at Hahamongna.
FYI: Massive Post-Station Fire Excavation in Hahamongna Watershed ParkDecember 2, 2010 - Lori Paul added to the discussion about the County presentation on sediment removal to the Hahamongna Advisory Committee with another interesting post.
Officer watches for drug abuseSeptember 15, 2010 - Drug abuse is examine locally. Hahamongna is mentioned.
JPL moon rover going out for walks in the Hahamongna Watershed ParkAugust 6, 2010 -JPL is testing a new lunar module in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Old-fashioned summer funJuly 29, 2010 - La Cañada Valley Sun features all the fun that is had at Tom Sawyer Camp in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
For the self-reliant, the wild is a free buffetJuly 29, 2010 - Christopher Nyerges leads the curious on an expedition to see what in nature they can and can't eat. One person's garden weed is another's salad.
Efforts to build new sports fields in Northeast Pasadena picking upApril 21, 2010 - While plans are moving ahead for an athletic field in Hahamongna, Pasadena city officials are also hoping to develop a 3-acre site in east Pasadena for soccer.
Larry Wilson: You're against soccer? That's un-AmericanMarch 31, 2010 - Star-New Public Editor notes the athletic field controversy at Hahamongna and directs readers to the Save Hahamongna website.
ASF Launches Save Hahamongna CampaignMarch 7, 2010 - The Arroyo Seco Foundation has launched a new campaign to preserve the natural character of Hahamongna at the mouth of Arroyo Seco.
Leftovers from City Hall: So long, disc manFebruary 26, 2010 - Here's the history of disc golf, including its origins at Hahamongna.
Road To NowhereFebruary 5, 2010 - The Pasadena City Council has unanimously approved the Hahamongna Annex Plan with some revisions to satisfy community concerns.
After years of objections , Pasadena passes tentative plan for Hahamongna February 3, 2010 - After five years of wrangling, the City Council gives preliminary approval to the Hahamongna Annex Master Plan.
Larry Wilson: Water, water everywhere , but storing it is the problemJanuary 22, 2010 - Larry Wilson muses on the waste of precious rain water flow out concrete channels to the ocean.
Our View: Many interests complicate Hahamongna Park plansNovember 13, 2009 - The Star-News editorializes about the removal of non-native trees in Hahamongna and other issues regarding the character of that area.
Station Fire raises new concerns about wildlife, city's plans for HahamongnaNovember 1, 2009 - Controversy rages over how to treat Hahamongna after the Station Fire.
Hahamongna Watershed Park -- OverviewOctober 1, 2009 - The West Pasadena Residents Association offers an overview of Hahamongna planning issues.
Mountains can care for themselvesSeptember 2, 2009 - Larry Wilson scouts the damage caused by the recent Station Fire and concludes that the mountains can do a pretty good job of healing themselves.
Bicycle Trail at Hahamongna Sparks DebateJuly 14, 2009 - A proposal for a bike trail in Hahamongna has run into a snag as opposition to its course surfaces.
Bicycle Trail at Hahamongna Sparks DebateJuly 14, 2009 -- Pasadena Now reports on the planning controversy at Hahamongna. But wait! Mary Barrie clarifies in a comment to the article that the dispute isn't about bikes at all. -
City says it has no plans to build a road and parking structure in HahamongaMay 21, 2009 - City officials clarified the status of a mysterious parking garage in Hahamongna at a meeting of the Environmental Advisory Committee last night. Nope! No way! Never! Well, read for yourself.
Hahamongna plansMay 19, 2009 - Pasadena Public Works Director Martin Pastucha responds to recent concerns about a parking structure and road in Hahamongna in a letter to the editor. Editor comments are also included.
Larry Wilson: Pasadena weighs bringing back parking garageMay 15, 2009 - Is a massive parking structure on the planning maps for Hahamongna. Larry Wilson is convinced it is.
Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations Meeting & Post Election PotluckNovember 5, 2008 Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations Meeting and Post Election Potluck
Park's Natural Beauty Wins Round Over More Cars in Hahamongna TractJune, 2008 -- Don Bremner outlines major planning issues in the Hahamongna Annex area in the newsletter of the Pasadena Group of the Sierra Club.
Seeing green in the ValleyMay 11, 2008 - The Star-News editorializes in favor of Congressman Schiff's bill to study the inclusion of the Arroyo Seco and other local natural treasures in the National Park system.
Park’s Natural Beauty Wins a Round Over More Cars in Hahamongna TractMay 6, 2008 - Don Bremner outlines the latest developments regarding the Hahamongna Annex.
Pasadena Council to Consider Stream Restoration MondayFebruary 20, 2008 - Please come to the Monday Pasadena City Council meeting to show your support for restoring the Arroyo Seco and its watershed. This is your opportunity to tell the City Council what kind of projects you think would be best for the Arroyo.
Cougar sighting at JPL creates a buzzJanuary 26, 2008 - The LA Times covers the cougar siting in Hahamongna near JPL ten days later.
Park annex plan nears completionJanuary 17, 2008 - Plans for the Hahamongna Annex are nearing completion.
Re-establishing trustNovember 12, 2007 - Letter writer Mary Barrie criticize the Arroyo planning process, particularly with regard to the Hahamongna Annex, for a lack of transparency and honesty.
JPL water plans OK'dAugust 22, 2007 - JPL's perchlorate treatment plant near Hahamongna to clean up Arroyo Seco water is moving ahead.
Hahamongna FundingJune 27, 2007 - Pasadena has secured funding for the restoratio of Berkshire Creek in Hahamongna Watershed Park. This is the official news release from the California Secretary of Resources Office.
Concept Approved for Park AnnexMay 3, 2007 - The Pasadena City Council approves the concept proposal for the use of the Hahamongna Annex, thirty acres of land being added to Hahamongna Watershed Park.
City's plan for park annex includes equestrian facilitiesApril 24, 2007 - Pasadena unveils plans for the 30-acre Hahamongna Annex at the mouth of the Arroy.
Hahamongna Annex Plan to Be Unveiled Tonight in PasadenaApril 19, 2007 - Official plans for the Hahamongna Annex will be unveiled at a public meeting tonight in Pasadena.
Clearly ConnectedJanuary 2007 - The Arroyo Monthly profiles the Arroyo Seco Foundation.
Flint Wash Bridge Contract AwardedOctober 26, 2006 - The Flint Canyon Bridge, a key connecting link in the Arroyo, will soon be restored through a City of Pasadena project.
County maps path for trailSeptember 19, 2006 - The County of Los Angeles has unveiled a new plan for the Altadena Crest Trail to connect Hahamongna Watershed Park to Eaton Canyon across the foothills.
Striking a balance, naturallySeptember 4, 2006 - There's a bunch of restoration and trail projects going on the Pasadena stretch of the Arroyo Seco.
Valley sees progressSeptember 3, 2006 - It's taken twenty years, but progress is being made in cleaning up the contaminated water basins of the San Gabriel Valley, including the Arroyo Seco and Hahamongna.
Parceling out the parkMay 1, 2006 - Pasadena has initiated a public planning process to determine the use of the thirty acres newly acquired for Hahamongna Watershed Park.
JPL seeks plan commentApril 19, 2006 - NASA and JPL are moving ahead with the treatment program for the perchlorate contaminated wells in Hahamongna the Arroyo Seco. Public comments on the program are solicited.
Water treatment site plannedJanuary 29, 2006 - NASA and Pasadena have finalized their agreement to clean up the perchlorate contaminated wells in the Hahamongna area of the Arroyo Seco.
JPL agrees to build water treatment plantJanuary 28, 2006 - Caltech and Pasadena had developed an agreement to move ahead with a water treatment in the Arroyo Seco near Hahamongna to clean to toxic residue of rocket testing many years ago.
Groundwater Cleanup Successes ReportedJanuary 6, 2006 - Subhead: "Four major NASA groundwater cleanup project milestones reached" 2005 marked substantial progress in the cleanup of contaminated groundwater in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco as this article in the Pasadena Independent relates.
NASA GROUNDWATER CLEANUP PROJECT ENTERS NEW YEAR IN HIGH GEARDecember 25, 2005 - This has been a year of progress in the effort to clean up the contamination in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco as this NASA news release discusses.
The Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations (CASO) Present the Arroyo Verde AwardsDecember 15, 2005 - On Thursday night, at Kidspace Children's Museum, the Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations presented the first annual Arroyo Verde Awards for outstanding service for the betterment of the environment and quality of life in the Arroyo Seco watershed.
NASA agrees to pay for groundwater cleanup at JPL siteDecember 7, 2005 - NASA will pay for a treatment plant to restore four wells closed due to rocket fuel contamination in Hahamongna.
JPL Water Cleanup Efforts to IncreaseNovember 4, 2005 - NASA announces cleanup plans for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory site in Hahamongna.
Pasadena Birding GuideOctober 3, 2005 - A guide for amateur birders in the Pasadena area is now available from the Pasadena Audubon Society.
Council approves Arroyo planSeptember 27, 2005 - The Pasadena City Council has approved the Central Arroyo Master Plan, which sets the standards for future improvement projects in the area surrounding the Rose Bowl and Brookside Park and Golf Course.
Funds earmarked for Arroyo studyAugust 10, 2005 - Los Angeles County has appropriate $1.425 million to study ecosystem restoration and waer conservation in the Arroyo Seco Watershed. This funds will be matched by a similar contribution by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Something to grow onJune 21, 2005 - Tim Brick had a lot to celebrate last Tuesday when the Metropolitant Water District honored him for 20 years of service and finalized the sale of 30 acres in Hahamongna to Pasadena.
Pasadena buys 30 acres from MWDJune 18, 2005 - Subtitle: "Will be incorporated into Hahamongna Area"
NFL bid hangs on Monday vote - Gordo, Little, Madison could swing dealJune 5, 2005 - As a key Pasadena City Council vote on professional football in the Arroyo Seco approaches, council members are considering and reconsidering what might make the deal worthwhile to them.
Park likely to lack lotMarch 24, 2005 - Pasadena council says it intends to have Hahamongna remain a recreational area of open space.
Park likely to lack lotMarch 3, 2005 - Pasadena has agreed to an open space restrict on the thirty acres it wants to buy from Metropolitan Water District in Hahamongna in the Arroyo Seco. No parking lot, as some critics have feared.
Council agrees to deal for landMarch 22, 2005 - Pasadena agreed to pay $1.2 million to purchase 30 acres of parkland and open space adjacent to Hahamongna Watershed Park from the Metropolitan Water District. Final MWD approval is still pending.
City: Keep cars off HahamongnaMarch 12, 2005 - La Cañada officials worry that sale of 30 acres inside park to Pasadena may result in a large parking lot.
Wilson on MWD's Arroyo Seco PropertyMarch 9, 2005 - Editor Larry Wilson wades into the Hahamongna land coontroversy and philosophizes on the nature of politics and kids.
Council doubts chance for landMarch 8, 2005 - It looks like Pasadena has the first shot at the Metropolitan Water District 30 acre plot in the Hahamongna area of the Arroyo Seco.
Why does Pasadena want Hahamongna? Several days ago... February 15, 2005 - LCF resident Mary Barrie asks some questions about Pasadena's motives in buy a new plot of land at Hahamongna from Metropolitan Water District.
Dukes up on fate of park buildingsFebruary 3, 2005 - Buildings on the abandoned Forest Service ranger station adjacent to Hahamongna Watershed Park are threatened by demolition despite Pasadena's attempts to save the buildings.
City eyeing deal on 30 acresJanuary 22, 2005 - Metropolitan Water District has decided not to lease 30 acres of land in the Arroyo just south of the foot of the mouth of the canyon to Pasadena, but instead to sell the property. Pasadena would like to incorporate the land into Hahamongna Watershed Park.
City could be forced to close more wellsDecember 22, 2004 - Pasadena officials move ahead with treating the local groundwater contaminated by percholorate in the Hahamongna area of the Arroyo Seco.
The beauty of the Arroyo SecoDecember 14, 2004 - Star News writer Emanuel sings the praises of the Arroyo Seco and recounts a bit of its history.
Aiming for a hole-in-oneAugust 2, 2004 - Disc golf in Oak Grove has been a favorite event in Hahamongna since 1975.
Water plant on line by fallJuly 10, 2004 - NASA will move ahead with well-head treatment of the drinking water wells in the Arroyo Seco contaminated by rocket fuel.
Risk of water contamination minimalApril 23, 2004 - "Don't worry, be happy," JPL experts tell attendees at a public meeting about perchlorate contamination and its health effects.
Settling for nature. Pasadena-based Spirit of the Sage Council wins environmentalApril 22, 2004 - The Spirit of the Sage Council will get $50,000 from Pasadena if an NFL team locates in the Rose Bowl as part of a settlement regarding Arroyo Seco planning issues. So much for protecting the Arroyo. It's called checkbook environmentalism.
Settling for nature. Pasadena-based Spirit of the Sage Council wins environmental protections for Upper and Lower Arroyo SecoApril 22, 2004 - It's a rather hollow victory claimed by the Spirit of the Sage Council. The settlement with the City of Pasadena contains a few minor clarifications about the future of Hahamongna Watershed Park, but it also would grant the Spirit of the Sage Council $50,000 if the National Football League comes to the Rose Bowl, something bitterly opposed by Arroyo-lovers.
Lawsuit Settlement Reached for Arroyo Seco Conservation -April 20, 2004 - This is the news release issued by the Spirit of the Sage Council regarding their settlement with the City of Pasadena of a lawsuit challenging the environmental impact report for the Arroyo Seco Master Plan.
Dame Goodall has birthday in San MarinoSaturday, April 3, 2004 - Jane Goodall celebrates her birthday at the Huntington with a call for grassroots efforts like the Roots and Shoots group. The Hahamongna Roots and Shoots group is represented.
Cleanup of ground water starts at JPLMarch 6, 2004 - NASA is cleaning up its mess that has contaminated local water wells.
NASA begins groundwater cleanup at its JPL campusMarch 1, 2004 - NASA is moving ahead with the cleanup of perchlorate and other toxic chemicals in the Arroyo Seco, but the treatment of drinking water wells still needs to be resolved.
Get busy, stop polluted plumeFebruary 20, 2004 - The Pasadena Star News urges NASA to pick up the pace on the cleanup of toxic contaminants which have defiled Hahamongna, the Arroyo Seco and local water supplies.
LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT REACHED FOR ARROYO SECO CONSERVATIONFebruary 20, 2004 - The Spirit of the Sage Council cuts a deal with Pasadena over habitat protection in the Arroyo Seco and an NFL team in the Rose Bowl. In exchange for minor clarifications on Pasadena's EIR on the Arroyo Seco, the Council agrees not to challenge the NFL and to receive $50,000 if the NFL does come to the Rose Bowl. -
City files claim in closure of wellsJanuary 26, 2004 - Pasadena has filed a claim against NASA and the US Army to recover costs related to the contamination of local water by perchlorate. Meanwhile, NASA will hold two public hearings this week on the subject.
Gnomes sighted in HahamognaNovember 15, 2003 - Is the Arroyo Seco really safer with Gnomeland Security asks editor Steve Scauzillo, who has to be dragged to the Arroyo for the fantastic environmental art exhibit in Hahamongna last weekend.
A mile of smilesNovember 9, 2003 - Both politically charged art and whimsy fill up Hahamongna Watershed Park for a weekend of interesting and challenging art.
Arroyo Seco plans approvedOctober 1, 2003 -- After years of discussions, the Pasadena City Council moves forward and approves the Hahamongna Watershed Park Master and the Lower Arroyo Plan with amendments that gained cautious support from Arroyo lovers.
Arroyo Seco Master Plan hits new snagSeptember 30, 2003 - The Pasadena City Council considers pieces of the Arroyo Seco Master Plan, raising concerns from neighborhood and environmental groups working to protect the Arroyo.
Arroyo Seco plans approved - Deal took five years; millions to be spent on both endsSeptember 30, 2003 - After years of wrangling and debate, the Pasadena City Council finally approves the Arroyo Seco Master Plan.
Funding falls in place for Flint Wash bridgeJune 6, 2003 - The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has provided the last piece of funding to restore the Flint Wash Bridge that will again connect the road over Devil's Gate Dam to the western part of Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Bridge is passage to the eastJune 6, 2003 - Does the Flint Canyon Bridge connect Pasadena to La Cañada or La Cañada to Pasadena? Think about that and read the good news.
Bridge is passage to the eastJune 6, 2003 - Pasadena will soon restore a bridge over Flint Canyon just to the west of Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna.
Major revisions not incorporatedJune 3, 2003 -- The Pasadena City Council delayed any decision last night on the Lower Arroyo and Central Arroy Master Plans for some further clarification of the projects involved.
FLINT WASH BRIDGE CROSSING WILL BE RESTOREDJune 3, 2003 - Here is the City of Pasadena news release on the new funding for Flint Wash Bridge in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Sage Council Files Lawsuit Challenging Arroyo Seco EIRMay 14, 2003 - The Spirit of the Sage Council has filed a lawsuit challenging the environmental impact report recently certified by the City of Pasadena regarding the Arroyo Seco Master Plan. Here is the official news release.
Want green? Think localApril 21, 2003 -- The Pasadena Star News strongly endorses Lower Arroyo restoration as well as in Hahamongna as part of an Earth Day entreaty to "Think Local."
Arroyo Seco Master Plan hits snagApril 15, 2003 -- After a four hour debate on the future of the Arroyo Seco, the Pasadena City Council voted to certify the Master Environmental Impact Report approved by staff, but balked at the Master, instructing staff to return with an edited or red-lined version to clarify exactly what is contained in the plan elements.
Arroyo Seco may be returned to natural lookApril 14, 2003 -- "Many conservationists are betting the Arroyo Seco will be the first to be returned to its natural state," writes Lisa Faught in today's Star News. The article covers an overview of various advocates and restoration projects.
Pasadena City Council set to review master planApril 13, 2003 -- The long-awaited Arroyo Seco Master Plan will go before the Pasadena City Council Monday night, but not without concerns from citizen groups about the precipitous rush to approve the plan without a clear, edited version and without consensus about environmental aspects of the plan.
280-home project rejectedApril 4, 2003 -- A federal appeals court has upheld federal protectons for the arroyo southwestern toad, a species whose habitat zone includes Hahamongna and the upper Arroyo Seco.
The Nature of the Arroyo SecoMarch 15, 2003 -- Tim Brick, Managing Director of the Arroyo Seco Foundation, delivered a talk entitled "The Nature of the Arroyo Seco" to a conference on open space and parks sponsored by the Pasadena Area League of Women Voters at the Women's Civic Club on Saturday, March 15, 2003. In it he reviews the history of the Arroyo Seco and critiques Pasadena's Arroyo Seco Master Plan.
Judge's Ruling Protecting Habitat of Fish Could Set Back Several ProjectsMarch 4, 2003 -- An interesting court ruling regarding the Santa Ana sucker could impact future Arroyo projects including those in Hahamongna. The Santa Ana sucker was one of the native fish species that once swam in the Arroyo.
Update on Arroyo PlanningFebruary 8 -- This is a report on the Arroyo Seco Foundation's February 6th meeting to discuss Pasadena's Arroyo Seco Master Plan.
Perchlorate taints region's groundwaterJanuary 6, 2003 -- Rocket fuel has contaminated local water supplies in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco as well as the Colorado River. Here's the story of local cleanup efforts.
Pasadena's GemsDecember 20, 2002 - In a nifty story to help tourists find the best spots in Pasadena, Maria Reyes lists the Arroyo Seco first and recommends that visitors connect with this website.
Expedite well cleanup effortNovember 27, 2002 - A Star News editorial calls for the setting of a proper standard for percholorate so that the cleanup of contaminated wells in the Hahamongna section of the Arroyo Seco at JPL can proceed.
JPL, PWP work on plan to clean up perchlorateNovember 24, 2002 - Rocket fuel chemicals have seeped into the groundwater near JPL in the Hahamongna basin. Pasadena and NASA are working to clean up the contamination.
JPL, PWP work on plan to clean up perchlorateNovember 24, 2002 - Rocket fuel chemicals have seeped into the groundwater near JPL in the Hahamongna basin. Pasadena and NASA are working to clean up the contamination.
Citizens Seek a "Natural" Arroyo SecoFall, 2002 - Joan Hearst, the chair of the Coalition for the Protection of the Arroyo Seco (CPAS), delivers a powerful critique of the Arroyo Seco Master Plan (ASMP) and Draft Master Environmental Impact Report; she tells of the strong coalition that has been built to fight for a natural Arroyo Seco.
PRESERVE THE SCENIC, NATURAL BEAUTY OF THE ARROYO SECOFall, 2002 - Charles McKenney delivers an eloquent and dramatic statement of the glories of the Arroyo Seco and how Pasadena's proposed Master Plan fails to protect them. - - - - - -
Tongva Nation welcomes fallSeptember 23, 2002 -- The Gabrielino Tongva people celebrate the first day of Fall at the top of the Arroyo Seco.
Seeking a Renewal of Arroyo SecoAugust 24, 2002 -- The LA Times reports on the release of the Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study and its ambitious plan to restore the Arroyo Seco steam and canyon to a more natural state.
Study on Arroyo to be releasedAugust 21, 2002 -- Lisa Faught presents an informative announcement and review of the Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study in the Pasadena Star News.
Holding their horses' homeAugust 9, 2002 -- The Rose Bowl Riders are working hard to protect and preserve open space in the Arroyo Seco, especially in Hahamongna Watershed Park where they are based. This Star News story features Liz Blackwelder and highlights some current threats to open space.
Joint-use agreement of park on holdJuly 16, 2002 - A joint use agreement between La Canada and Pasadena for an athletic complex at Hahamongna. And then Mayor Portantino deeply involved in the negotiations? Very interesting.
Park at crux of traffic disputeJuly 10, 2002 -- A plan to route La Canada High School traffic through Hahamongna Watershed Park has generated considerable controversy. The plan now winding its way through the Pasadena approval process would redirect traffic off Oak Grove Drive onto a service road that goes through the upper terrace of the spectacular Coast Live Oak grove that graces the west boundary of the Pasadena Park.
Master plan for arroyo blastedJune 27, 2002 - Today the Star News reports on the first public hearing on Pasadena's Arroyo Seco Master Plan: "Nature lovers, equestrians and anxious neighbors lambasted the city's plan for the Arroyo Seco at a Recreation and Parks Commission meeting this week. Most of the 50-plus people who attended the meeting Tuesday night at Victory Park were highly critical of the Arroyo Seco Master Plan. The multimillion-dollar plan calls for new sports fields, bike trails and several new parking areas in the city's largest open space."
Let’s read the fine print on HahamongnaJune 13, 2002 -- Mary Barrie offers a critique of the Pasadena's Hahamongna Watershed Park Master Plan in the latest issues of the La Cañada Valley Sun.
Charting future course of valley's Arroyo SecoJune 3, 2002 -- Pasadena's Master Plan for the Arroyo Seco is examined by Elizabeth Lee in today's Star News. The article outlines the projects and issues surrounding the plan.
Endangered toad has put stream widening on holdJune 3, 2002 -- The fate of the Arroyo toad has forced a series of studies to determine how projects in the Upper Arroyo Seco near Hahamongna Watershed Park and above into the mountains can proceed. No toads have been spotted recently, but eight miles of the Arroyo have been designated critical habitat for the endangered species.
Arroyo Seco Plan: Boosting Nature and AmenitiesMay 19, 2002 -- The City of Pasadena has released the Master Plan and Environmental Impact Report for the Arroyo Seco, extending from the mouth of the canyon near JPL all the way to the South Pasadena city limits. Here is the LA Times report on the plan.
New mayor shares his goalsApril 22, 2002 - Incoming May Dave Spence of La Canada has big plans for an athletic complex at Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Hahamongna may get soccer fieldMarch 29, 2002 -- The Star News reports on the proposed joint La Cañada/Pasadena soccer complex at Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Hahamonga Park sports complex closer to realityMarch 21, 2002 -- Plans for a joint use athletic field are revealed at a La Cañada City Council meeting. Pasadena and La Cañada will share the use and costs of the facility.
Mayor proposes joint use for parkMarch 20, 2002 - The News-Press often has coverage of Arroyo issues that never surfaces in Pasadena's assorted rags. Like this juicy tidbit about Mayor Portantino pushing for a joint-use sports complex in Hahamongna.
Bush Officials Target Key Habitat ProtectionsFebruary 2, 2002 - Bush administration officials have stepped to ask a federal judge to invalidate land protections for the endangered Arroyo toad, which could affect Hahamongna and the upper Arroyo Seco.
Arroyo Seco Master Plan StatusFebruary 9, 2002 -- The long-awaited project description for the Arroyo Seco Master Plan has now been released by the City of Pasadena. You can find out the background, view Pasadena's announcement and download the Summary Project Description by clicking on the title link.
An Autumnal Jaunt in Arroyo SecoNovember 25, 2001 - John McKinney returns again to one of his favorite hikes with a great description of the Arroyo Seco trail above Hahamongna.
Endangered toad has put stream widening on holdJune 3, 2002 - The endangered Arroyo toad could delay or halt some projects in the Arroyo Seco Master plan, as local officials survey the Arroyo for remaining toads.
A Firing Range in the Arroyo SecoMay 9, 2001 -- Chuck Cherniss' logic has so befuddled John F. McKenna, Jr. that Junior thinks the Arroyo Seco would be a good place for the police firing range. You mean Hahamongna, John? That's what he suggests in this letter to the local rag.
Arroyo Seco safety zone declared for endangered southwestern toadFebruary 8, 2001 - US Fish and Wildlife has declared Hahamongna and parts north in the Arroyo Seco a safety zone for the endangered arroyo southwestern toad.
Arroyo toad safety area in jeopardyJanuary 24, 2001 - Hahamongna and a six-mile stretch above Devil's Gate Dam may be listed a prime habitat for the endangered Arroyo Toad, but Bush Administration officials may intervene to placate three local agencies.
Amphibians vanguards for environment January 16, 2001 - Amphibians, such as the Arroyo Toad which once resided in Hahamongna and upper mountain habitat locally, are an indicator of the health of an ecosystem.
Endangered toad stirs debateJanuary 16, 2001 - Federal officials are pushing to designate Hahamongna and stretches of the upper Arroyo Seco as critical habitat for the endangered Arroyo Toad.
Riparian repairsDecember 14, 2000 -- The Los Angeles Times reports on the Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study and the community meeting in Pasadena.
Wilson: Restore wild space NOWSeptember 16, 2000 - Pasadena Star News Editor Larry Wilson got it right in this editorial feature. It's time for a lot less talk and a lot more action regarding the Arroyo. "Make up for lost time, Pasadena. A generation has already missed out on the full glories of what could be the greatest urban-surrounded wild space in the West."
Arroyo Seco Initial Study IssuedSeptember 13, 2000 - The City of Pasadena Planning and Permitting Department has issued the key scoping document for the comprehensive Environmental Impact Report on the Arroyo Seco, including Hahamongna Watershed Park, the Central Arroyo, and the Lower Arroyo. Major changes affecting the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena will be reviewed. The public comment period on the initial study will close in 30 days.
Arroyo Seco Watershed Study AnnouncedMarch 25, 2000 - Finally a comprehensive approach is being taken to Arroyo planning. This watershed restoration feasibility study will cover the entire Arroyo all the way from Red Box eleven miles above Hahamongna to the Los Angeles River eleven miles to the south. North East Trees and the Arroyo Seco Foundation are partnering in the project with the support of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the California Coastal Conservancy.
Divided council compromises on Hahamongna master plan February 9, 2000 - Soccer fields or nature is the dilemna that confronts the community and the Pasadena City Council
Council kicks soccer plans asideFebruary 8, 2000 - The Pasadena City Council takes up the soccer field at Hahamongna issue up and agonizes or conflicting needs.
City Council kicks soccer ideas aroundFebruary 7, 2000 - Pasadena staff comes back to the City Council with a plan for replacing percolation basins with soccer fields.
Council to debate usage of Rose BowlSeptember 6, 1999 - Which way the Rose Bowl? And how does it fit into other plans for the Arroyo Seco? Those are the questions gnawing at city officials, who will soon begin debating them.
A Lost Canyon Beckons, And Pasadena Responds December 31, 1998 - The NY Times rhapsodizes about the grandeur of the Arroyo Seco.
There's No Future for Flood ChannelOctober 12, 1998 - Will the flood channel come out of the Arroyo? That's the question environmentalists and city officials are now debating.
Pasadena; Ex-Chief of Watershed Park to Head Project DivisionSeptember 1, 1998 - An environmental specialist who was replaced in a controversial decision as head of Hahamongna Watershed Park has become the city's top official for projects in northwest Pasadena.
Marketing bottled city water springs upAugust 31, 1998 - Spring water from Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco could be the next major export from our community.
City SmartMarch 21, 1997 - A photo of Hahamongna graces the pages of the morning Times.
Pasadena Council Moves to Transfer Oversight of ParkJune 26, 1996 - The Pasadena City Council, citing the need for better oversight of the Hahamongna Watershed Park, has declared its intention to shift the budget for the 300-acre facility's operating company to the Public Works Department, effectively gutting the power of the nonprofit company's board.
San Gabriel Valley; Council Urges Project Panelists to ResignJanuary 27, 1996 - Hahamongna Operating Company ponder how to respond to the 5-4 City Council vote asking them to resign.
Black Walnut Tree Population Withers in Face of DevelopmentOctober 1, 1995 - Native black walnut trees continue to have a hard time in Southern California. In the Arroyo area, some of the trees can be found just south of Hahamongna, in Pasadena's Lower Arroyo, on the hills of Debs Park and lining Elysian Park near the confluence.
Pasadena to Consider Commission Reform Government: Large number of panels-and a high number of vacancies-prompt calls for cutbacks that could save theApril 6, 1995 - Board vacancies are not unusual in Pasadena government. More than three dozen spots are unfilled on the city's 30 council-appointed commissions and boards, and some city leaders are questioning whether they need all those groups, which cost the city more than $1 million a year in supplies and staff time.
IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Arroyo Seco: Whose Needs for Space Come First?November 14, 1994 - Slightly larger than New York City's Central Park and overlooked by historic and ringed by impressive houses, the Arroyo Seco stretches across 950 acres from the Angeles National Forest to South Pasadena. The issues are numerous. -
IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD - Arroyo Seco: Whose Needs for Space Come First?November 14, 1994 - Slightly larger than New York City's Central Park and overlooked by historic and ringed by impressive houses, the Arroyo Seco stretches across 950 acres from the Angeles National Forest to South Pasadena.
Green Ways to Celebrate Earth WeekApril 20, 1994 - Hahamongna Oak Grove Tree Planting and Trail Work. Oak Grove Park, Pasadena, 8:30 a.m.-noon. Re-vegetation of the Oak Grove section of Hahamongna Watershed Park by planting coast live oak trees and native plants and rebuilding trail through the park. Contact: Jim Schoedler, (818) 398-6787. -
L.A. Scene / Southern California Then and NowFebruary 28, 1994 - Centuries ago, the Arroyo Seco was known by the Gabrielinos as Hahamongna, meaning "fruitful valley, flowing waters." In 1938, when Pasadena city workers began digging in the Arroyo Seco to build the Sheldon Reservoir, remains of 53 ancient people were found.
Angeles National Forest Restoration Plans Under WayNovember 14, 1993 - Officials of the U.S. Forest Service and the bicycling group, which often performs volunteer trail maintenance, will talk about steps being taken to restore the forest.
A Party in the ParkOctober 14, 1993 - The new park will incorporate the old Oak Grove Park, which the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation turned over to the city of Pasadena in September, as well as the Devil's Gate dam basin and the mouth of the Arroyo Seco. It will be an urban wilderness park integrating flood control, water resources, recreation and habitat restoration.
Council Approves 250-Acre Park Plan for Arroyo SecoDecember 10, 1992 - Pasadena City Council has approved plans to establish Hahamongna Watershed Park in the upper Arroyo Seco with an emphasis on restoring the area's natural habitat and water resources rather than building playing fields.
Turning a Devilish Park Into an Angelic Retreat Nature: December 3, 1992 - A proposal to resuscitate 250 acres of Arroyo Seco behind Devil's Gate Dam is now in a critical stage as officials from Pasadena and La Canada Flintridge, bird watchers, soccer enthusiasts, flood control and water conservation experts clash over how the $54-million project should proceed.
The Making of HahamongnaAugust 8, 1992 - "Hahamongna (pronounced ha-ha-mung-na) is a Gabrieleno word that means "flowing waters, fruitful valley," said Tim Brick, vice president of the Devils Gate Joint Powers Planning Authority, which approved the change last month."
Devil's Gate plan takes giant step toward realityNovember 4, 1991 - LA Business Journal covers the first meeting of the Devil's Gate Joint Power Planning Authority and Pasadena's plans for upgrading the Devil's Gate basin (Hahamongna).
Artists Sculpt Model of Costly Proposal to Renew Devils GateDecember 3, 1987 - Environmental artists Newton and Helen Harrison have taken on a project or shaping new visions for the long-neglected Devil's Gate Reservoir back in the Arroyo Seco. Hahamongna
Residents Act to Rejuvenate Devil's Gate ReservoirMay 21, 1987 - Early efforts to restore the Devil's Gate/Hahamongna area are recounted in this 1987 story from the LA Times. The story features Ernie Messner, the chair of the Devil's Gate Multi-Use Advisory Committee, and PWP visionary Tom Underbrink. -
Players Cry Foul Over 'Jewel' of a FieldJuly 5, 1987 - The origins of Johnson Field in Hahamongna are documented in this LA Times story.

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