The lawsuit to Save Hahamongna will be heard in LA Superior Court on February 14, 2017. Our attorneys, Mitchell Tsai and Christina Caro, have done a lot of excellent work to prepare the regulatory and legal issues, but now we need your generous contribution to complete their final briefing and trial work.

Please give generously.

Support the Hahamongna Defense Fund

Hahamongna is the most special environmental treasure in our region. We can't let LA County Flood Control District destroy it and degrade our neighborhoods. The Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Audubon Society have filed a lawsuit to protect Hahamongna and our neighborhoods. Our goal is to secure a more moderate and sustainable plan that will reduce impacts on Hahamongna Watershed Park and on the neighborhoods.

The fate of Hahamongna and our neighborhoods depends on your generosity. Your contribution will go directly to the Hahamongna Defense Fund managed by the Arroyo Seco Foundation for this lawsuit.